Larus hyperboreus
Glaucous Gull, Vittrut, Gråmåge

Two generations of Glaucous Gulls in Scandinavia

It's less than a six hours drive (including some sailing and 460 kilometres) from the south eastern small town of Mosede in the suburbs of Copenhagen and to Denmark's northern top and the cold winds of the North Sea, but its all it was what was necessary this winter to have a full view of this beautiful North Atlantic winter guest, the Gull from beyond the northern wind.

Two of this winters 12 Danish Glaucous Gulls (Larus Hyperboreus) one adult and one first winter bird. The young one in the small town of Mosede, 10 miles south of Copenhagen with its tiny harbour in the lame brackish waters of the Øresund, and the adult bird found one cold and blowy Thursday February 16. at the industrial fishing hot house Skagen, situated at the northern top of peninsula Jutland with a direct access to Skagerak and the North Sea.


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