Picoides tridactylus
Three-toed Woodpecker Tretåig hackspett Tretået spætte

A Three-toed Woodpecker is looking for food in the Fiby Urskog Nature Reserve, an old-growth natural forrest in Uppland Sweden on a sunny Friday the 25. of April 2005.

If you want to se a this guy you should go to Sweden, all-though it must be mentioned that it took four hours of searching to find it, and for your information, a Swedish guy we met there in the depth of the forrest, claimed he had been there more than a 100 times in wain not finding the bird.

He went home that day as a happier person and so did we. Anyway chances are better here than in Denmark where Three-toed Woodpeckers remains unseen since 1988.

The Fiby Urskog is a nature Reserve, a slice of Sweedish forrest left to its own, untouched and without interference from human activities, it consists of threes in all different stages of life., from seed to decay, creating habitats for a long range of insects, mosses and otherwise seldomly seen birds, like the Thee-toed woodpecker.