Stercorarius skua
Great Skua, Storlab, Storkjove

To me this is big game. Big game belonging to the open seas. Have seen these impressive dark birds only at the middle of the North Sea, or along the coasts in rough weather. On early morning watches on the beach where you spot one every now and then, easily recognising the strong atlethic wingstrokes but first of all the flashing white spots under the wings.
But even that does not happen too often.

Its not an often seen species in Denmark.

Great Skuas, known to be the aggressive pirate of the seas, the black rider of the winds that readily steals for the living, steals itís food from other birds, even as large as gannets,

are not likely to be seen in small fishing harbours like that of Gilleleje.

Where this one was staying for the better part of a month.

And where these pictures are taken over two days at the beginning of 2007, January Sunday 21. and Thursday 25.