Nyctea scandiaca

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sneugle-big.jpg (16044 bytes) Snowy Owl (Nyctea scandiaca) on a rooftop in the small town Slangerup 30 kilometers (19 miles) west of Copenhagen Monday December 20. 1999 Just one day  before solstice.
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Snowy Owl (Nyctea scandiaca) is a popular but rare guest to Denmark travelling all the way from the arctic countries near the North Pole where they breed, setting off, probably stressed
by shortage of the favorite food, lemmings, flying out to find a better world, some of them making it as far south as to the Danish countryside, this way ending up, like this bird, in Slangerup, Sjælland .

A birder  I was talking to suggested that  the low buildings  with their grey roofs probably were reminding the bird of the place it set out from up north,   giving a faint impression  of cliffs and stones.

It’s  not a very easy thing  to visualize.

It is a  different thing  and a lot easier  to accept that a Snowy Owl feels at home with the low-land,   tundra-like range around Hanstholm,  where the supervisor and I met with one of the two birds that have been reported there for more than fourteen days this winter.

40 square kilometers of moor  beautifully spread out in front of us making it fairly easy  to spot the bird, the white  comma  in the low slopes.
 In fact, having arrived there it took us   less than five minutes to find it with the

A nice place. A strangely powerful and beautiful place too.  Shortage of time and lack of light  made it impossible to get the pictures we wanted.. but we enjoyed every second of it.



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