Bombycilla garrulus

Bohemian Waxwing / Sidensvans / Silkehale  Play/record song

Bohemian Waxwings eating berries on a boring, grey parking lot in Lundtofte, suburban Copenhagen Saturday, December 30th 2000. Please note the antenna picture is older. Its an archive-picture of November the 19th, 1999.
Here's a point.
Is it due to the warm autumn or whatever ? This years pictures are taken later. One month and a half later than last years picture, because the Waxwings were late this year.
You can argue this.
A lot things influed on the time of which a picture is shot. The birds are one thing. Light-conditions is another, geography and gasoline prices play a role, not mention, time.
I have still got a point.
Even though both set of pictures probably could have been shot somewhat earlier.

Waxwings in Denmark are guests from northern Fenno Scandia comming down to spend wintertime here, usually ariving in October - November where their bell-like sound announce the changing of the season, and this mild autumn the waxwings in Denmark have been unusually late.