Larus delawarensis
Ring-billed Gull, Ringnäbbad mås, Ringnæbbet måge.

Birding on the sunny side of the street.  

Ring-billed Gull (Larus delawarensis) a first winter bird roosting on the ice of the village pond in the town of Nærum 8 miles north of Copenhagen on a grey and cold Thursday March 9. 2006. All though Ring-billed Gulls breeds widely on the other side of the Atlantic, in southern Canada   east   of    Rocky   Mountains   (local  in  British

Columbia), and in USA mostly Washington and Oregon east to Dakotas (Birds of the Western Palearctic.) This Ring-billed Gull is only Denmark’s second ever and quite a sensation hitting most of our major newspapers and drawing thel attention of birders, rushing in from all over the country.


In Europe Ring-billed Gulls a hit, and in amongst twitcers in Denmark, a super hit. The first delawarensis back in 1999 was found at our exact borderline, a straight piece of road separating Denmark from Germany, and to make it even worse, for some reason it preferred the southern side of the road. Witch is Germany. Implicating the problem that birders wanting to twitch the creature as a Danish observation had to spend some time there and lot bread to persuade it into visiting the Danish side of the road.

Who promised you anything but hard work.

Now this second Ring-billed friend is easier. Choosing the country’s richest community. Forget about your hide. Leave you camouflage jacket at home, don’t even need your binoculars, just bring some leftover bread from you breakfast and go to Nærum. Take a seat the bench and soon the bird will be there at your feet, along with the ducks, by the way, the exact same way it was caught and ringed one of the last days of this February 2006. Y56. Hands on.

Try it. Birding on the sunny side of the street.