Birdlife on Peberholm
Recurvirostra avosetta
Avocet, Skürflücka, Klyde















Peberholm is Denmark’s newest island.
A man built island in the middle of Øresund. 4.0552 meters of engineering construction to connect a 3,5 km tunnel with the 8 km famous Øresund-Bridge between Copenhagen Denmark and Malmø, Sweden.
Sand, concrete and stone piled up solely for the use of this railway and motorway connection between the capital of Denmark and Malmø, Sweden.
And island made to the fulfillment of society’s need for progress and economical development and indeed not for the breeding of birds.

But, with the noisy traffic of civilisation, safely contained behind wired fences, Peberholm has developed into a peaceful place for animals, for birds. No human interference except for that of the professional biologists and ornithologists.

Furthermore you are told by authorities, that this artificial island was left to itself in a most consistent way. Nothing was planted there. No grass, no bushes, no threes. Not even the filling of fertile organic sediments or mud.
It was completely up to nature what should happen here.
Some consider it a test tube of nature.

Now four years after the opening something has happened.
One of the more spectacular discoveries is the turn-up of this spider. Among 15 to 20 species of spiders found there the Eneplognatha mordax (pictured) is seen in surprisingly high numbers, considering it’s on the list of threatened species of Sweden. And as of birds, this four kilometers of stone and sand has surprised the experts. After four years it houses 8 - 12 breeding species and is developping into a stronghold for Little Tern (Sterna albifrons) and Avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta)
These birds photographed Tuesday the 22nd of June 2004 where the island was open to the press.