Branta bernicla

Brent Goose / Prutgås / Knortegås

Three principal  Brent Geese forms are seen in Denmark. One, the Branta bernicla nigricans,  actually breeding east of Taymyr, Russia  and Alaska and originally wintering on both sides of the North Pacific is only seen occasionally, which is five or six birds a year. A second one, the Branta bernicla hrota, which breeds Svalbard and northern Greenland, actually has it’s main winter-quarters in Denmark, with the bulk of the hole  western palearctic population found on eight specific locations on the peninsula Jutland between September and May. These  Brent Geese, here feeding behind the newest dike in the Tønder March in the early days of  April, Thursday

 April 5th  2001,  are of  the third kind, the Branta bernicla bernicla,  and  will soon be on their way towards the north east, heading for  their breeding grounds on the Russian Tundra. The Taymyr peninsula. They’ve spent the cold seasons in northern Europe. In France, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark and usually depart for Russia mid-May.

They’ll need all the peace and rest they can get to be well fed before the  3500 miles journey.