Calidris bairdii
Baird’s Sandpiper, Gulbrostad Snäppa, Bairds ryle









A juvenile Baird’s Sandpiper ( Calidris bairdii ) ( Denmark third ) stretching its wings in a pond at the salt meadows of Grenen, north of Skagen, Denmark, on Sunday, September 2nd 2007, the day after it was found among more commonly seen waders.






Trained ornithologists were at Grenen that day. A preferred vantage point at the top the dunes, gives a rather back-drawn, but still near perfect 360 degrees view of the beach, the salt meadows and the sea.

No talking. This Baird’s Sandpiper was eyed very early. Seen, in fact, as it was coming in from the North Sea and followed all the way, till it finely landed at the waters edge, still aproc. 1200 feet away, and was out of sight, hidden by a slight difference of ground-level.

I myself do not belong to the premier league of ornithology, but I know and understand from experience how difficult it is. I’ve been standing next to hard hitters misjudging larger birds at shorter distance.

Honestly what would you’d done. It’s a bit of a walk. Your decision, from what you’d seen, or thought you’d seen, hardly at any point, as much more than a black spot in your binoculars. Considering an awesome 1200 feet walk in soft sand.

These guys went out there, and found Denmark’s only third Baird’s Sandpiper.